John Harbaugh: Courtney Upshaw Eats too Much

Published on 8-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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John Harbaugh: Courtney Upshaw Eats too Much

You know you have a problem with your weight when your boss calls you fat.

That's what Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh did to linebacker Courtney Upshaw.

According to reports, Harbaugh put Upshaw on notice about his weight.

“Courtney’s weight issue — which he does need some pounds — is that he doesn’t eat right,” Harbaugh told the Ravens website. “Courtney eats too much and he doesn’t eat all the right foods.

“He knows that and that’s something he’s going to have to get a handle on, or he’s not going to be the best he can be. But he’s aware of it. Everybody in our building is involved with it. He’ll be in fighting shape, I promise you that."

Now, keep in mind Upshaw is from the South and is probably used to chowing down on some good Southern cuisine, which speaking from experience, does not help your figure at all, so I know it's a bad habit that is probably going to be hard for Upshaw to break.

And if you've seen Upshaw up close, he does not look like the salad-and-veggie-eating type of guy. But he if he doesn't start putting a little bit of that in his diet, he is going to find himself in Harbough's doghouse trying to dig his way out. Not advisable. He probably needs that NFL paycheck to support his grocery bill.

You think Nick Saban would have put up with this?