John Fox Used to Be Jeff Spicoli

Published on 29-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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John Fox Used to Be Jeff Spicoli

John Fox has certainly seen better days.

In only his second year as head coach of the Chicago Bears, Fox is desperately groping for answers as his team regresses from week to week.

Their latest public embarrassment was this past Sunday at the hands of the Tennessee Titans.

In an apparent effort to pass the time while the inevitable was happening on the field, CBS decided to unearth an old photograph of John Fox from back in the day.

Nothing will ever be as cool as that side-by-side.

This photo raises a number of fascinating questions.

Is John Fox high right now?

Where is Mr Hand?

Is there a parallel universe in which Sean Penn is head coach of the Chicago Bears?

That would be awesome.

John Fox is a quality head coach, having taken both the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl, albeit losing both times.

However, it's quite possible that Fox may not have the strength or interest to see this massive reclamation project in Chicago through. The Bears are in bad shape, and things aren't improving anytime soon.

The delightfully oblivious look on Fox's face in that old photo would serve him well today.

The Bears should just go full slacker and ignore all of the injuries and incompetence.

Maybe grab a bite to eat.

Or perhaps just escape into a rich fantasy world.

Or simply think about Phoebe Cates.

Yeah, lets go with that last one.