Joe Willie Namath Is Really Excited about Eagles QB Nick Foles

Published on 4-Jan-2014 by Raoul Duke

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Joe Willie Namath Is Really Excited about Eagles QB Nick Foles

Former New York Jets Super Bowl MVP quarterback and memorable sideline interview Joe Namath is clearly a big fan of Nick Foles and feels awfully good about his future prospects.

Namath obviously knows a little something about playing the quarterback position very well, and his opinion on the subject is a valuable one. In a recent interview, Joe Willie could not stop gushing about Foles.

“Over the past month, I’ve decided that Nick Foles is one of the best passers I’ve seen,” Namath said. “He throws on the move, what he puts on the ball ... wow! He is special. He runs around there like an NBA guard or maybe even a small forward. He’s big; he can throw. His throwing motion, throwing on the move, reminds me of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. Throwing that ball, this cat is good. He gives them a big edge.”

It was sure nice of Joe to inform us of his decision regarding Foles, as well as his thoughts on the quarterback possibly becoming a two-guard in the NBA.

In addition, it should be noted that the use of the word ‘cat’ to describe another human being is extremely cool and automatically qualifies Joe as a cool ‘cat’ himself.

Broadway Joe was not done, and continued to wax poetic about Foles.

“I didn’t see Foles play a game in college. I didn’t even see him! But boy, do I see him now. He certainly does move around beautifully. When I see him throwing in the last few months. I saw him make some throws on a rope and others where he puts some air on it. Others on swing passes where he puts it out there, not too much heat … you know, passes you can really handle. He has change of speeds. He doesn’t knock them over on a short post. He has a knack of judging distances,” Namath explained thoroughly.

Wow! Joe is really fired up!

He also seems incredulous that he somehow missed Foles during his college days at Arizona.

Again, Namath does know what he is talking about, and gets into some detailed specifics regarding the Foles skill set and the particular nuances of his game. This is a significant endorsement.

Here is a bit more from Namath.

“I believe he can be real special. Really special, really special. I like this kid.”

We got it, Joe. Understood.

Just to be clear, it does not appear that Joe has any interest in kissing Nick Foles.

Someone should go tell Suzy. It will make her feel better.