Jets to Trade Revis to the Bucs

Published on 21-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Jets to Trade Revis to the Bucs

Either the New York Jets made the biggest mistake in NFL history (and that's saying a lot because of their history) or they made one of the smartest moves since the Dallas Cowboys traded Hershel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings.

Shutdown corner Darrelle Revis is now a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. It went by the numbers, which were numbers the Jets didn't want on their ledger. Revis signed a six-year, $96million contract that the Bucs had tendered. This is a welcome trade for Tampa because they ranked last in the NFL in total defense in 2012. They needed Revis like a fish needs water ,especially in a division that includes Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, and Cam Newton.

Revis not only brings his shutdown abilities but his leadership, as well. As for the Jets, it depends on how they use their draft choices. When the Cowboys traded Walker to the Vikings, many thought (including me at the time) Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones were insane for cutting loose their best player at the time.

But in the end, the Cowboys woud up with running back Emmitt Smith, wide out Alvin Harper, and defensive players Darren Woodson and Dixon Edwards.

But, these are the Jets ...  the same Jets who traded for Tim Tebow last year and didn't use him.

Most Jets fans are probably already preparing themselves for an unhappy ending to this swap.