Jets Rookie QB Geno Smith Somehow Retains Tenuous Grip on Starting Gig

Published on 5-Dec-2013 by Raoul Duke

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Jets Rookie QB Geno Smith Somehow Retains Tenuous Grip on Starting Gig

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan confirmed Monday that rookie QB Geno Smith will remain the starter, at least for one more week.

Considering Geno’s numbers this season, particularly over the last seven games, this announcement is somewhat mystifying. Incredibly, Smith has thrown 11 picks to only one lonely touchdown over this seven-game stretch.

However, Ryan appears undeterred, at least for the moment.

''He's our best shot, in my opinion,'' the Jetsmeister explained. ''I believe in Geno. I think he has the tools to be a good quarterback in this league.''

Well, that seems reasonable enough, especially after taking a quick peek at the Jets' QB depth chart. Matt Simms relieved Smith last week in that ugly home loss to the Dolphins, but he's not the answer to anything, really. This leaves 35-year old David Garrard, who doesn’t provide much beyond a veteran presence at this point in his career.

Geno, for his part, seems to grasp the reality of his current situation and the subtext of his benching last week.

''If it was a tactic to wake me up or get me going,'' Smith said, ''it definitely worked, because right now, I definitely feel a sense of urgency.''

Sure, that's all well and good. However, one wonders why it would take a benching to create this sense of urgency, especially when he's been playing so poorly for so long.

This is not to say that all of the blame should be assigned to Geno. He is, after all, a rookie, and he's going to experience some growing pains. And let's not forget that the Jets have quite a few other issues beyond the quarterback position that have a direct impact on the quality of play from that position.

I'm pretty sure Geno would appreciate any help that may be offered.