Jeff Fisher and Eric Dickerson Continue Odd Feud

Published on 11-Dec-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Jeff Fisher and Eric Dickerson Continue Odd Feud

For most of the season, Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher and former Rams great Eric Dickerson have been snipping at each other publicly like an old married couple.

These two should just get counseling already.

Or perhaps a house with a mortgage and a couple of kids.

The origin of this silly tit-for-tat is somewhat vague, but the two dudes are clearly not on the same page.

According to Dickerson, Fisher and some of the current Rams don't want the Hall of Famer hanging out at practice. Apparently, they're a bit sensitive about some of the criticism Dickerson has directed at the team this season.

Of course, he speaks the truth about the moribund Rams, something they probably would rather just ignore.

However, Fisher seems confused, insisting that the two had a lovely conversation and that Dickerson is more than welcome at the Rams facility.

Hmmm, the plot thickens.

The Rams recently announced a two-year extension for the eternally mediocre Fisher, a development that's left Dickerson and others incredulous.

Fisher's completing his fifth season with the Rams and has yet to finish with a winning record, which is something that doesn't necessarily scream progress. Yet, he'll get a few more years to see if Jared Goff will finally provide a long-term answer at QB.

Dickerson clearly isn't shy about sharing his opinions about his former team.

He's also correct.

Maybe he could inspire thm by showing up to one of these practices in full 1980's regalia.

Remember the goggles?

Dude could also ball.

 It was definitely the goggles.