Jackson's in DC: Second Chance Is Lucrative

Published on 2-Apr-2014 by Towner Park

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Jackson's in DC: Second Chance Is Lucrative

DeSean Jackson didn't get his $10million from the Philadelphia Eagles....

So what?

The Washington Redskins announced that they officially signed Jackson to a 3-year, $24million deal. $16million of it is guaranteed.

You can't argue with those zeros.

Hog fans can thank their savior, Robert Griffin III, for speaking with the stud receiver, who is coming off his best statistical season as a wideout but is considered expendable by Eagles coach Chip Kelly. And Jackson didn't waste any time causing a ripple. Maybe this sort of stuff is just in his DNA.

Jackson's 82 receptions and 1,332 receiving yards this past season are personal bests.  

The Redskins, coming off a three-win season, were in a desperate need of an upgrade at the wide receiver position. Even though Pierre Garçon proved to be a reliable asset on offense, the Skins still needed a deep threat. After Chip Kelly and the Eagles decided to part ways with Jackson, Washington pounced on the three-time Pro Bowler and got his John Hancock as soon as they could.

Sure, Jackson comes with considerable baggage. There are numerous allegations about his off-the-field conduct but no real concrete evidence to fine, suspend, and/or -- cross your fingers -- indict Jackson. That is, unless the Chipster knows something we don't.

According to Eagle insiders, Jackson is temperamental and possesses a poor attitude. He isolated himself within the Eagle organization and, consequently, left without much support on his behalf.

Regardless, due to his playmaking and long-ball ability, we all knew he wasn't going to stay unemployed for long. He might be a liability, but the Redskins grabbed him at a reasonable price.

We can only assume Washington did its due diligence when investigating Jackson and his background and then decided that the dude's worth the risk. They might be right.

The uncertainty surrounding Jackson will be answered once we start the regular season.

And to all the Redskins who are skeptical as to just how lethal Jackson can be ... check out DeSean's 88-yard touchdown versus Laron Landry:

Yeah, that's right. You have him on your team now. Just hope the only baggage he unpacks contain his essentials.