Jackson Misses First Day of Redskins OTAs

Published on 7-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Jackson Misses First Day of Redskins OTAs

Has it started already for the Washington Redskins and DeSean Jackson?

The Redskins started their Organized Team Activities (OTAs) today, and Jackson was nowhere to be found.

Jackson skips Washington OTAs

OTA's are off-season workout programs that most teams conduct this time of year. Now, there are no requirements to show up, but you would think after all that came out about Jackson's relationship with the Philidelphia Eagles, he'd try to make himself look good by being a team player.

Don't panic, Redskin fans. At least, not yet. Jackson didn't show up for OTA's with the Eagles in the past, either.

Depends on who you listen to whether or not this means anything for the Redskins, but you know the Eagles front office is probably saying, "We told you so!"