It's Already the Week of the Backup Quarterback

Published on 27-Sep-2015 by CJ

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It's Already the Week of the Backup Quarterback

It’s only Week 3 in the NFL, but the injury bug has already hit hard across the league.

This is especially true of the quarterback position.

Several premier chuckers -- and Jay Cutler -- have gone down.

So it's the proverbial next man up in group form.

As noted, then, most dire sitatuin is that of the Cowboys, who are holding down top spot in The Shield's weakest division.

With Tony Romo out of action for eight weeks, the club traded for Matt Cassell, whose experience as a career backup at USC prepared him well for this stage of his NFL life.

So, now the 'Boys have a fallbackup and won't be totally at the mercy of Brandon “Which guy is on my team?” Weeden.

Of course, this isn't the first time Romo has missed games, nor is it likely to be the last. They know the drill.

Things aren’t much better in the Big Easy, either, as the Saints and their 0-2 record sit dead last in the NFC South.

Drew Brees, who had previously never missed a game in his Saints career, will miss the game this week -- and possibly beyond that -- due to an injury to his throwing shoulder.

In his place will be the seasoned backup and possible fortune teller, Luke McCown. Yes, it's come to that.

McCown's had a long NFL career, and the Saints are hopeful that his leadership and Brees-Light skill set will be enough to beat the Panthers. Any given Sunday, you know. Rah.

In Chicago, Da Bears will be without the human interception machine, Jay Cutler.

Taking over will be Jimmy Clausen, which is a shocker, mainly because most of the Free World had no idea he was still in the league.

This will be the second time dude's taken over for the chain-smokin' slinger, as he was given the job late last season during the team’s collapse. Maybe he'll do well enough to get Da Bears out of their 0-2 hole, and possibly convince the team to dump Jay and his crippling contract and hire Silent Bob, who'd be an upgrade over either one of them.

The NFL season takes a toll on the body, even that of the heavily defended quarterbacks.

Hopefully, the regulars will come back sooner rather than later.

If not for their team’s sake, for that of their paying fan bases.