Is the NFL Getting Too Pretty?

Published on 3-Dec-2012 by J Square Humboldt

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Is the NFL Getting Too Pretty?

Longtime Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed calls it "powder puff football" and didn't stop there.

"[The NFL's contact-related rules are] definitely changing the game. It's become an offensive league. They want more points. They want the physical play out of it, kind of. They want [it] like powder puff to where you can just run around and score points 'cause that's going to attract the fans. I understand you want to make money, but bending the rules and making the game different, you know, it's only going to make the game worse."

Reed wasn't done. He'd just won his appeal of a suspension for 'malicious' contact and was ready to unload on any league executive available.

"All of the sudden the NFL is about to be sued for all the stuff that they haven't protected over the years and they haven't done. Now you want to take it out on us? Nah, take it out on yourself. It's easy for them to do the things they're doing, fining us and make us look bad, like we're the bad guy, when we're not.

"That was crazy for the wording they were using, like 'malicious,' " Reed said, "''I'm a malicious player.' Ray Anderson [the NFL's executive vice president] talking about how I'm a dirty player. After 11 years now I'm a dirty? Serious man?

"It's definitely hurting the game, but they don't care so much about it 'cause they're going to continue to make their money. If they was really so concerned about the violence and the injuries and players getting hurt, answer this question for me: Why is there Thursday night football? We played three games in 17 days (earlier this season)? Why?"