Is It Time To Forgive Ray Rice?

Published on 1-Aug-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Is It Time To Forgive Ray Rice?

Ray Rice has been a busy Baltimore Raven as he continues his "I apologize for beating my wife" tour.

Rice sounds sincere, and I can sorta see why NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has forgiven him, but is it time for the media and fans to forgive, too?

Rice has said on numerous occasions that he's embarrassed and that's not him. His history bears that out. There's no record of violence in his past..

But you have to wonder. Is that true, or was he never reported?

It's obvious that Rice got married so that if this did go to trial, his now-wife couldn't testify against him. And, upon further review:

While Rice continues to plead his case and contend he's not a bad guy, it does seem that whatever he's owning has a rather hollow core.

I'm not saying I'm ready to give Rice the keys to the kingdom, and it's going to be hard to forget when that video of him and his unconcious wife is embedded in cyberspace by TMZ.

It went viral quicker than the Solange and Jay Z . We're seeing all to often that what's done in private doesn't stay in private. Feel free to cue the Donald Sterling episodes at any time.

I'll give Rice a break for now, but if history has taught us anything, it might not have been the only time Rice has done this. And if he doesn't understand the public is now watching, any incident in the future will be his last as a public figure.