Irony, Thy Name is Weeden

Published on 29-Dec-2015 by CJ

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Irony, Thy Name is Weeden

It’s been a pretty rough season for the Cowboys.

They got out to a solid 2-0 start, but then the injury bug came to town.

As a yawning nation knows by now, America's Team lost stars Tony Romo and Dez Bryant for an extended period of time,

And that, basically, was that.

Who was the man put in charge of keeping the ship afloat during the Cowboys time of need?

Why none other than the human interception machine, Brandon Weeden.

Seems like that being that was odds-on.

Granted, the former Oklahoma State Cowboy did a solid job in his relief performance against the Eagles in Week 2, completing all seven of his pass attempts, including a touchdown.

However, Weeden was unable to get the job done from that point onward. Dude’s final Dallas performance against the Patriots was another misfire, which lead to his being benched for slightly more mediocre Matt Cassel.

Weeden was less than thrilled with being benched for a quarterback who's not really any more talented than he is:

Luckily, in a backhanded sort of wy, the 'Boys cut him when Romo returned to action, thus freeing him up to go wherever he wanted.

Weeds didn’t end up having to go all that far, as he was claimed by Houston to backup to TJ Yates.

However, things did not work out as planned there, either. Yates went down with a knee injury in the crucial game against Indianapolis, who was leading the division at the time. Weeden, being the only other healthy slinger on the roster, was once again called upon by a Texas team to save their season.

Down 10-0, the Weeden pulled out all the stops. Dude completed 11 passes for 105 yards, including the game-winning touchdown to Jalen Strong.

Ironically, in the same week Weeden helped push the Texans into a playoff spot, the Cassel- and Kellen Moore-led Cowboys were officially eliminated from playoff contention.

Weeden wasn’t perfect in Dallas, but he didn’t deserve to get benched. He was no worse than Cassel, and the cast around him was far from supporting.

But I guess it doesn’t matter now, as Weeden seems to have gained the last laugh over the Cowboys.

While they're watching the playoffs at home, he may be starting a playoff game.