In These Crazy Times, Here's a Top Cop Who Gets It

Published on 18-Dec-2014 by Alan Adamsson

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In These Crazy Times, Here's a Top Cop Who Gets It

Sports has always been a part of life.

Lately, though, seems like it's really been a part of life.

There's been enough in the news about trigger-happy and extreme-restraint police to keep the 24/7 news cycle spinning on that issue alone. So is it any surprise that some athletes feel they need to step up and be heard?

By the very nature of their profession, they exude the oxygen of publicity. And they're using it.

Cleveland's tragedies involved the deadly shooting of two kids in separate incidents, when cops saw what looked like serious weapons, shot first, and asked questions later. Unfortunately, the answers to those questions were toy gun in a 12-year-old's hands and BB gun being held by a 22-year-old.

This was the centerpiece for Jon Stewart's Daily Show focus, underscored by the brilliant response from Browns' WR Andrew Hawkins:

Lo and behold! This time, a police chief is siding with Hawkins! Here's Calvin Williams:

Cleveland police chief

Maybe there's still hope for level heads within the halls of authority yet.

Now, if only he and other leaders can get that cool-headed approach to trickle down to their rank and file, maybe the headlines could move along to something else.