Hernandez Files Suit to Get Money Patriots Owe Him

Published on 16-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Hernandez Files Suit to Get Money Patriots Owe Him

Here's a story that players around the league will be watching.

Not surprisingly, it involves former Patriots tight end -- and allegedly odious citizen -- Aaron Hernandez. 

The NFL Players Union is filing suit on behalf on Hernandez to the tune of $1.3million in guaranteed money from his 2013 salary, along with another $1million from his 2014 salary, plus an additional $500,000. 

Hernandez feels as if he is entitled to $3million from the Pats because they promised it to him.

Whether he gets the money or not is another story.

Hernandez may be entitled to the money if he was cut for football reasons, but because he was cut because he was accused of murder ... well ... that could easily be considered a non-football situation.

And that will probably be the Pats argument against his getting the money. Understandable.

Why would Hernandez want the dosh when it looks like the only currency he'll need for the rest of his life is soup packets, candy bars, and stamps? He'll probably need all of that to hire a squad of shysters who could give him at least a snowball's chance at his trial.

Because that's going to be one expensive snowball.