Hayne Hangs Up His NFL Cleats

Published on 16-May-2016 by CJ

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Hayne Hangs Up His NFL Cleats

2015 saw 49ers fans giddy with excitement.

Sure they'd lost their star coach, as well as a see a number of key contributors retire during the offseason.

But things were looking up in San Francisco.

The team had signed a star player in Jarryd Hayne, or at least a world-renowned rugby star.

Still, there was no denying the dude had legit skills that should translate well to the gridiron version of football.

After all, the North American game evolved from rugby.

Unfortunately, much like many other things for the 49ers this season, the Hayne experiment didn't turn out well.

Look no further than Hayne’s first punt return attempt, in which he immediately coughed up the ball.


Hayne was cut midway through the season, where, after being passed up by every other team in the league, was re-signed to the Niners' practice squad.

Apparently, one failed season in the NFL was enough for Hayne.

Dude's decided to retire from the NFL, as he's been offered a chance to return to the ruggers' world.

Who can blame him?

This just looks so much more wholesome without helmets, doesn't it?

And why waste what remains of his athletic career on a practice squad, while he has a slight chance to represent Fiji in the 2016 Summer Olympics?

Maybe less than slight. The World Anti-Doping Agency considers the NFL as a "PED badlands."

Bummer, on two fronts. It would've been fun to see what Chip Kelly would've done with Hayne.

This move was probably best for both sides, anyway.

Hayne gets to return to the sport where he's had success, and the 49ers get to free up a roster spot for their rebuild.

At worst, the Hayne experiment taught NFL clubs a valuable lesson.

When it comes to taking Aussie players, stick to unters.