Harrison's Upshot: Do It or Screw It

Published on 1-Sep-2015 by Towner Park

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Harrison's Upshot: Do It or Screw It

Flashback to your childhood for one minute.

You're staring enviously at the podium. First place: Gold. Second place: Silver. Third place: Bronze.

You look down at your palm. Inside, clenched with the ultimate distaste is a ribbon.

A damn green ribbon.

It's a participation ribbon. Everyone who ended up exerting effort in that competition was awarded one. Even the guy who walked the event because his parents told him to at least try.

Your anger intensifies. If only you could've beaten that birdlike kid who runs like a gazelle.

It's now the present day, and that topic is still being discussed.

Recently, James Harrison -- a Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker who's as tenacious as they come -- has a different perspective on that situation. He doesn't like it one bit. His two sons were awarded participation trophies at a camp instructed by former Steeler QB Charlie Batch. Everyone in the camp received a trophy.

Harrison made headlines with his opinion:

I'm not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they're entitled to something just because they tried their best ... 'cause sometimes, your best is not enough, and that should drive you to want to do better.

Can't argue with that. Who wants to settle for mediocrity? I certainly don't.

I'm not saying you shouldn't try. Harrison isn't advocating that either.

It's simple. Participation gets you into that arena. It's what you do with the sword that seperates yourself from the pack.

I applaud Harrison's point of view here. He wants both of his sons to strive for excellence. To get the most of what they're capable of doing.

The dude's right on so many levels.

Offering another perspective, here: at least they upped the coolness factor by giving out trophies instead of ribbons now.