Gurley Feuds with Fantasy Owner

Published on 16-Dec-2016 by CJ

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Gurley Feuds with Fantasy Owner

The NFL season is nearing its end.

Some teams are going to spend the remaining three weeks scrambling for a playoff spot.

Of course, that means the playoffs have already started for some.

No, this isn't about the Canadian Football League. The Grey Cup's in the books already, where those Fighting Redblacks of Ottawa stampeded Calgary, 39-33.

This is bigger than even the NFL itself. It's the fantasy football playoffs.

Your average Jim and Joe lacks the athletic skill to ever play in either the NFL or CFL. Potential head coaching jobs south of the 49th parallel are limited to a mere 32 positions, and dudes need mucho conocimiento about football to get one.

Anybody can be an NFL owner, as long as they have a kajillion smackeroonies in the bank.

However, anybody -- regardless of skill, knowledge, or dosh -- can be a fantasy football owner. In fact, you don’t even really have to know anything about football. Take it from somebody who's spent years trying to craft the perfect fantasy team.

It really doesn’t matter how well you draft and trade.

The success of your team is random every week. But some fantasy football players aren’t willing to accept that.

Case in point: Twitter user Keith Stone.

Of course it is.

Like most Americans, Mr Stone is a fantasy football owner. His roster includes Rams running back Todd Gurley. As many a Todd Gurley fantasy owner knows, dude's totally underperformed in his sophomore campaign.

After apparently being eliminated from his fantasy playoffs, the erstwhile Mr Stone took to Twitter to vent his frustration against Gurley. In the tweet, he told the former Georgia Bulldog that he'd fight him if ever their paths would cross.

As if.

In response, though, Gurley told him to pull up. ie- any time, any place, buddy.


Now, this site isn't exactly an advice dispensary, but getting into a fight over a fantasy game is going a little too far. It's also not wise to figh a 6-1, 231lb football player who could easily turn a lesser-fit dude's face into a mound of mush.

Gurley is not the only football player to go to war with his fantasy owners. Back in 2011, Arian Foster was PO’d over people being upset about his injury for fantasy reasons, calling them sick.

Yes, some consider office leagues to be more important than life itself, but don’t forget that football players are people, too. They don’t need couch jockeys DM’ing and accusing them of costing a win.


Just accept that fantasy football is random.

It doesn’t matter what you do. The whole point is to have fun.

That, and win that sweet $100 pool.