Graybeard Demands Blue Sky; Blank Stares in Great Supply

Published on 28-Mar-2013 by Coach

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Graybeard Demands Blue Sky; Blank Stares in Great Supply

Osi Umenyiora wanted to be happier, but he's happy enough.

The former Giant defensive end recently signed a contract with the Atlanta Falcons for two years, worth $8.5million and possibly more if incentives are met. 

If Umenyiora's perspective is the measuring standard, then Dwight Freeney, two years Unemyiora's senior, wants more than 'happier,' he wants 'ecstatic.'

He must also be on ecstasy.

Freeney hasn't been the same since spraining his anckle in the '09 playoffs, and it didn't help when the Colts transitioned to a 3-4 scheme and Freeney was rendered helpless.

And he's setting his market value at $6million a year?

While Umenyiora has gas left in the tank, Freeney should be thinking about where he wants to spend the twighlight of his career. Umenyiroa just signed with a perennial Super Bowl contender in the Falcons; Freeney's options are narrowed down to three: the Broncos, Dolphins, and Lions. Denver is the closest team to making a run at the Super Bowl, while the Lions and Dolphins have more pieces to put into place, both with a better shot at a wildcard playoff spots than winning their respected divison.

With the Broncos choking on Freeney's demands and the others surely taking notice, the 13-year veteran may need to re-assess the market.

Who does he think he is, Kyle Lohse?

Actually, that would be yes.

But everyone else, including Paul Krugman and the Austrian School of Economics, would disagree. And those dudes could each earn extra PhD's for explaining why it's not happening.

Freeney shouldn't think about holding out for money, since this will be the last contract he could get. His sights should be set to 'Super Bowl or Bust,' just like the Jets. except without all the hot air.