Goodell: We Did Not See Rice Video

Published on 8-Sep-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Goodell: We Did Not See Rice Video

Everyone saw Baltimore Raven RB Ray Rice dealing with his inert wife after an apparent altercation in a hotel elevator.

Well, the apparent part of that scenario soon melted away to reveal the shocking attack that it was.

As we all know, a firestorm then ensued after Commissioner Roger Goodell figured that a two-game suspension would suffice for whatever exactly happened in that elevator. Duly chastened, the Commish relented, and decreed from here on out, domestic abuse would result in tougher sanctions.

So, what happens next? A new video of that incident has found daylight. This one's from inside the elevator.

And now it's former Baltimore Raven RB Ray Rice who was dealing with his punched-out wife after a shocking altercation in that hotel elevator.

We already knew that Rice beat his then-girlfriend, but the sick part was there were still individuals -- particularly men -- who defended Rice's actions.

Wonder where are his defenders now, after watching this video?

What's even more sick, is the fact that the NFL claims they didn't see this video before handing down Rice's punishment. Really?

You mean to tell me that one of the most powerful organizations in the world couldn't get the video of Rice beating his wife and TMZ could?

Come on, Commish. And on behalf of journalists who try their best to be responsible in their reporting, thank you, Deadspin.

First of all, if the NFL knew about about this and didn't act, shame on them, and Goodell should resign.

Second, Goodell had better save face and make that suspension for at least the rest of the season. That's the only way he and the NFL can save themselves.

If they can save themselves.