Get Ready for an Over-Bearing Monday Night Clash

Published on 9-Nov-2015 by Steve Soprano

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Get Ready for an Over-Bearing Monday Night Clash

Tonight's West Coast football tilt between the Chicago Bears and San Diego Chargers isn't exactly spotlighting two of the NFL'S best teams.

OK, at a combined 4-11, they actually are pretty bad.

While this may not be a big-picture game, for those who like a good, old fashioned shoot-out, it one has all the elements of being just that.

Translation: An over play on Bovada's 49½ is the way to go here. Check the data tool on our Home page for betting trends and other fine details:

Bears v Chargers

Here's their recent match-up history:

Bovada head to head

The offenses are led by two of the top gunslingers of our time and in the history of their franchises, so it's easy to expect San Diego's Philip Rivers and Chicago's Jay Cutler to pass through the opposing defenses like a steak knife through melted margarine (I'm simply not a fan of butter).

But it also takes two vulnerable defenses to allow for a game to pass the half-century mark. And these two teams have just that: defenses of significant suckitude.

Bovada's Super Grid highlights the details backing that up, where you'll see neither the Chargers defense at home nor the Bears' D on the road has exactly been what you would call stingy.

Chargers scoring defense sucksBears scoring defense sucks

Heck, the Bears even allowed the Lions to score 37 on them on the road, while San Diego gave up 27 hosting Cleveland earlier this season.

Now, if that doesn't get your over juices flowing, I don't know what will!

Bears, running back Matt Forte will miss this game with an injury, but that shouldn't prevent this one from being a track meet. So lace up your running shoes and get to your Bovada account -- or open one; just click on the ad -- make a play on the over, and start your week off right!

My pick: Bears v Chargers ... over 49½


Result: Chicago 22 San Diego 19     Total: 41     under covers