Geno Gets KO’d

Published on 12-Aug-2015 by CJ

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Geno Gets KO’d

Fights during training camp are a normal occurrence in the NFL.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead, do a YouTube search for NFL training camp fights. I’ll wait.

This year has already seen a number of fights in camp, from Dez getting chippy with a Cowboys teammate to the Texans and Redskins getting into a full-scale brawl in a joint practice.

However, what happened at Jets camp this week was far from the usual testosterone-induced scuffle.

While prepping for the day’s practice in the locker-room, Jets QB Geno Smith got an unpleasant surprise from a teammate. Linebacker IK Enemkpali sucker-punched his team's top chucker, fracturing Smith’s jaw in two places.

What could Smith have done to set IK off? Did he spend quality time with IK's girlfriend? Did he rip the LB’s play in practice? Or maybe he put hot sauce in his food. Nope, nope and nope.

IK decided to KO his teammate over a $600 debt that Geno owed his teammate. Apparently Geno had promised to attend a football camp that IK was holding in Texas, but Geno was unable to attend the camp due to a personal matter.

IK demanded that Geno refund him for the plane ticket that he bought for his teammate, but Geno wasn't into refunds. Thus, IK, in true mafia fashion, decided to teach his teammate a lesson in paying your bills on time.

Smith would've been wise to research IK before getting on his bad side. The linebacker had a prior incident in college where he punched an off-duty cop in an alcohol induced incident.

Being the no-name player that he is, IK was immediately cut from the team, while Geno is sidelined for 6-10 weeks while his jaw heals.

It's been a tough camp for Geno. Besides getting clocked in jaw, dude was heavily booed by Jets fans during practice. Worse yet for, his role as starting role is hardly guaranteed upon his return. Jets coach Todd Bowles stated that he wouldn't change quarterbacks if the team was successful in Smith’s absence.

It seems to have been destined from the start:

Poor Geno may never start again for the Jets, but from a team perspective, this may be a positive thing. Backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick may be the better option, as he outperformed Geno last season.

Either way, the Jets seem to be in midseason LOL form. From the Geno Smith punch-out to Sheldon Richardson’s suspension and later arrest, Coach Bowles has had his baptism to absurdity before a single game has been played.