Gas Mask Bong Gongs Tunsil in NFL Draft

Published on 29-Apr-2016 by CJ

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Gas Mask Bong Gongs Tunsil in NFL Draft

The NFL draft is all about surprises.

Cottage industry experts spend months looking at film upon film in order to predict where prospects are going to land.

Some players go exactly where they're pegged.

Other dudes aren’t so lucky.

Case in point: former Ole Miss Rebel Laremy Tunsil.

At one point, dude was thought to be the No 1 pick in the draft.

Unfortunately for him, neither High Times nor Army-Navy Sales were doing the drafting.

The top spot was never gonna happen after the No 1 and No 2 slots were traded to teams in pursuit of their future franchise quarterbacks.

It must have stung for Tunsil to know he wasn’t gonna go No 1 anymore, but he was still thought to be a top talent. And hey, a projected No 3 pick pick doesn’t make bad guaranteed money, either.

Little did he know the disaster that would befall him on draft night.

Mere minutes before the show got on the road, a video surfaced on Tunsil’s twitter account that showed him smoking weed out of a gas mask:

The incident became a media frenzy, as one-by-one, teams in the top ten passed on him.

Bummer. Dude probably dreamed of this night when he was a kid, only to have his face blown up on major sports networks talking about his 'off-field mistake'.

Tunsil didn't fall much further, though, as the Miami Dolphins took him with their pick at No 13:

But dude’s night of blunders didn't end there.

Somebody posted screenshots of texts between Tunsil and a Rebel coach on his Instagram account. They contained evidence of him asking for money from the coach to help pay for his mom’s electric and water bill, as well pay for his rent.

When asked about the cash during his post-draft interview, Tunsil admitted to taking money from his school.

It can be a downer for college sports' dark underside when honesty gets in the way:

This is especially true when your school was recently under under investigation by NCAA for recruiting violations.

Of course, all of these posts have been taken off Tunsil’s social media accounts, but the damage to Tunsil’s reputation, as well as his wallet, has already been done.

Hopefully , this will be the lowest point in an otherwise bright NFL career for Laremy Tunsil.

And at the end of the day, there are worse dudes in the league than pot heads.