Fred Davis: From Redskin Offensive MVP to Borderline Unemployed

Published on 22-Feb-2014 by Towner Park

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Fred Davis: From Redskin Offensive MVP to Borderline Unemployed

The tale of Fred Davis isn't an upbeat narrative.

The last few days have been completely demoralizing for the former Washington Redskin tight end.

Davis violated the NFL's substance abuse policy and was indefinitely suspended by the league. This wasn't his first violation either. In 2011, Davis was suspended for four games, with marijuana being the tight end's drug of choice. Compounding the issue, Davis was charged with a DWI on 21 February in Fairfax County.

Then there was this incident, which was even less cool:

"Disappointed" is the term Bruce Allen used. The Washington Redskins General Manager couldn't comment due to league policies but expressed sorrow upon hearing the news.

Keep in mind, Fred Davis is only 28 years old. Although he had a falling out within the Redskin's organization, he still provided value, when healthy, to the Redskins. In 2011, Davis was a gem and named their offensive player of the year. Yes, the Redskins may have decided go with two competitive and young tight ends in Logan Paulson and Jordan Reed but Fred Davis isn't a bum by any means.

It's up to the league on when they plan to reinstate Davis. Of course, he must do his part and gain positive stability in his life. He needs to exhaust every option available to resolve his current dilemma, because wherever he lands afterward -- if he lands somewhere -- that will take his problems into consideration when reviewing his playing equity.

Davis can expect his character to be questioned because he was already given a second chance. From a management perspective, it would be risky to gamble on someone who's a habitual offender of league rules, but signing Davis isn't out of the question. If he stays committed to a full recovery and shows signs of improvement, inking him to a minimum contract could be a low-risk, high-reward scenario.

Maybe his agent should be on the phone to Seattle or Denver, where marijuana is legal.