Former Texans Lineman Says Romo Stealing from the Cowboys

Published on 14-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Former Texans Lineman Says Romo Stealing from the Cowboys

When Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's new contract was announced, it sent shock waves around the NFL.

Most NFL experts thought Jerry Jones was paying too high a price for a quarterback who has never taken his franchise to the Super Bowl. At least, not yet.

But out of all of the reactions, this had to have been the harshest: former Houston Texans defensive tackle Travis Johnson says he thinks Romo is robbing the Cowboys blind

“Tony Romo has not earned a dollar he’s been given in this league,” Johnson said. “He is a thief. They need to bring him up on federal charges right now. He’s killing the franchise.”

Whoaaaaaaaa, Travis!

First of all, his former franchise just made the playoffs for the first time in the last couple of years, and let's be real, here: it was after Peyton Manning was out of their division.

Also, the Texans have gone to the Super Bowl as many times as the Cowboys have under Romo. That would zero.

You can make the argument that Texans quarterback Matt Shaub is being paid too much, as well, for not carrying his franchise to a Super Bowl.

The Texans' expectations have been just as high or even higher at times than the Cowboys. Again, they have nothing to show for it.

Maybe Romo hasn't taken the Cowboys to the Super Bowl, but for the most part he's an established, high-profile quarterback, and for the most part, his stats bear that out.

The only thing really missing from his résumé is a Super Bowl.

Maybe this year.

Then again, maybe not.