Fisher Vows Revenge Against Rams

Published on 17-Dec-2016 by CJ

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Fisher Vows Revenge Against Rams

The Rams re-introduction to Los Angeles has been a mess.

The games are too hot. The Rams offense is a travesty. Jared Goff was bad in his late season debut.

And fans are showing why the franchise left Tinseltown in the first place.

All of these things came to a head under Jeff Fisher.  

Fisher and his experience were brought in to bring credibility to the Rams organization.

To be fair, the Steve Spagnuolo Rams were pretty damn bad. Spags' three seasons in St Louis post a lousy 10-38 record.

In Fisher, the club had a dude with actual head coaching experience. While his record may not have shown it, his tenure with the Oilers/ Titans showed flashes of cred.

Among other things, his team fell one yard short of sending the Super Bowl into overtime.

Fisher’s first season saw the Rams go 7-8-1, an improvement of five games over the previous year. Unfortunately, that was his high-water mark.

In his five campaigns, Fisher would compile a 31-45-1 record, where he never posted more than seven wins in a season. Dude got a rep for his constant ability to post mediocre 7-9 years, a fact of which he's totally aware and obviously upset.

2016 was Fisher's nadir. Despite a strong 3-1 start , the Rams fell to 4-9.

The flak was abundant:

And yet, dude got what seemed to be a routine two-year contract extension contract extension a couple of weeks ago.

As incredible as that news seemed, it made the fact of his firing two weeks later as mondo bizarro stuff.

At age 58 and a mere one loss away from being the losingest head coach in NFL history, one might think that Fisher's had enough of being a coach. However, the master of 7-9 refuses to give up.

In a recent interview, Fisher was asked where he'd want his next job to be. Dude smiled and told the reporter that he wants a chance to play the Rams.

If that doesn’t make you smile, the response by the Madden Twitter account will.

It's understandable for Fisher to be upset about his firing, especially in the aftermath of being given an extension.

But if he hopes to ever get his revenge, it'd likely have to be when an NFC West team is willing to accept a 7-9 season.

Then again, the maybe not-for-long Chip Kelly 49ers would probably jump at 7-9 right now.

After all, dude's only one win per season shy of those 8-8 records the NFL seems to love so much.

Truth be told, Fisher should be the Shield's poster boy.