FanDuel's Sunday Million Grows to $2.5million

Published on 23-Oct-2014 by The Dudes

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FanDuel's Sunday Million Grows to $2.5million

The Sunday Million just keeps on growing.

Even we can't believe how big it's gotten this season!

For a non-championship fantasy league event, FanDuel now has produced the biggest one-week league ever staged:

  • $2.5million in total prizes, with
  • $500,000 to first place,
  • All for a meager $25 entry fee.

Who wouldn't want to play for $500,000 for the price of a couple of premium six-packs? For the record, that's a 20,000-times return on your dosh if you take the whole thing down.

It's simple to play. If you've ever entered a fantasy league online, you'll know what to do here. If you haven't, you'll quickly see that all you need to do is draft the NFL players you think will rack up the most fantasy points.

There's a salary cap, so strategy counts. And great strategy pays!

Did we mention it has the best payout structure you'll find anywhere for a tournament of this magnitude? Not only is there $500,000 for first-place, take a look at this:

  • $100,000 goes to second;
  • The Top 8 get five-figure payouts, and
  • Nearly 20% of the field gets paid at least $50.

So the chances of doubling your entry fee are 5:1. Not bad odds for that sort of leverage.

To get in on the action, just click here and put your knowledge to work. Or luck. Whatever works. It's worth a shot!