FanDuel's NFL Quickies: Draft Well and Reap Fast Cash

Published on 15-Oct-2014 by The Dudes
Football - NFL / NFL Daily Opinion

Fantasy is what fantasy does.

FanDuel isn't stingy when it comes to tossing the dosh around.

That's probably why it's the top short-fuse fantasy league in cyberspace.

It's currently featuring promotions of five one-shot leagues where all the action happens in a weekend.

Here's the list:

  • The Sunday Million ... $25 to enter, $175,000 to first place!
  • The NFL Kickoff ... $400,0000 prize pool. $10 to enter. $40,000 to first place.
  • The $25 FFFC Qualifier ... $2million first-place prize in the December Championship!
  • The $10 FFFC Qualifier ... $10million in total championship prizes this year!
  • The $2 NFL Snap ... $100,000 in prizes. $8,000 to first place!

These are in addition to the Playboy Mansion Challenge, where $5 can get you into a helluva party.

And if you're gonna go off the hook, that's as good a place as any.

FanDuel makes it possible. So get off the bench and get into the action!

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