FanDuel's Gravy Bomb Is a Thanksgiving Treat

Published on 26-Nov-2014 by The Dudes

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FanDuel's Gravy Bomb Is a Thanksgiving Treat

Year-end celebrations are just heating up at FanDuel.

Did you know that Thanksgiving is actually one of the most active days of the year for FanDuel fantasy leagues?

That means even more chances to pick up a bit of holiday dosh.

Start the season off right with the $25 Gravy Bomb. It features $1.25million in prize payouts! This contest is only for the Thanksgiving games, so here's your perfect opportunity to tell the wife and/or girlfriend that you need to park in front of the set all day because you're working.

Just punch this clip, turn it up, and look serious when she starts getting suspicious:

With $125,000 awarded to first place, what could be a better way to enjoy Thanksgiving?

All you have to do is click here to capitalize on your fantasy football expertise!

And remember, the payouts are immediate.

Wanna have an extra portion? It's the day for it! Try the $10 Thanksgiving Kickoff. There's a $250,000 pool up for grabs. Just click here for your super-simple entry form.

Those opportunities oughta get you in shape for the usual FanDuel Sunday Slate. This week, the pool stands at $1.75million, with $175,000 going to first! Your super-simple entry form is here.

It all adds up to a veritable fantasy football feast, so dig in and enjoy!