Facing the Music: Denver Scoreboard Operator Traded to Jets

Published on 25-Oct-2014 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Facing the Music: Denver Scoreboard Operator Traded to Jets

In a move that has stunned the NFL, the Denver Broncos' scoreboard operator has been traded to the New York Jets.

The surprising shift comes on the back of Peyton Manning's strong criticism of the operator's performance during the Broncos' Thursday night win over the San Diego Chargers.

Manning's displeasure was taken very seriously by the Broncos' brass. According to sources accessed by The Daily Player, negotiations with the Jets commenced around 9.00pm pdt Saturday night and concluded four minutes and twenty-one seconds later. In return for the operator, the Broncos receive the entire Jets secondary.

Manning responded to news of the trade with his customary restrained professionalism:

It's unlikely the scoreboard operator will encounter the same level of scrutiny and critique in New York. Jets GM John Idzik -- already on a high from his steal of Seattle Seahawks mascot, Percy Harvin -- has assured the beleaguered button-pusher that his only responsibility will be to play the 'sad trombone' sound effect on constant loop.