Ezekiel Elliott Celebrates For Charity

Published on 19-Dec-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Ezekiel Elliott Celebrates For Charity

It's become increasingly difficult to come up with an original touchdown celebration, but it appears Ezekiel Elliott has done it. 

The Dallas Cowboys' stud rookie tailback scored a second quarter TD against Tampa Bay on Sunday night and clearly had something specific in mind to honor it.

Zeke located the Salvation Army kettle beyond the end zone and decided to jump in.

Seriously, he actually did this:

Everyone had a hearty chuckle -- even the officials -- who were also laughing as they enforced the unfortunately requisite 15-yard penalty.

The Salvation Army kettle, while a symbol of charity and goodwill, is also considered a prop by the NFL if used to celebrate a touchdown.

Ruh roh!

Dallas head coach Jason Garrett, while acknowledging the creativity, was not all that pleased with the gesture.

Imagine if Elliott had turned an ankle or shredded his knee while jumping into the pot. The laughter would have turned to tears pretty quickly.

The NFL is actually being uncharacteristically open-minded about the display, announcing that there will be no fine for the action.

This rare act of benevolence is clearly tied to the charitable nature of the celebration and the fact that Elliott indicated he would donate any fines to the Salvation Army.

All of this fun calls to mind choreographed touchdown celebrations of the past which involved the use of props.

Remember the Terrell Owens Habitat for Humanity sharpie?

How about the Joe Horn American Red Cross cell phone?

Good times.