Eagles Players: Jackson Cursed Coach Kelly

Published on 4-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Eagles Players: Jackson Cursed Coach Kelly

DeSean Jackson may have thought he scored a few public relations points vis-á-vis the Philadelphia Eagles, but he'd be wrong.

Today, reports are out that Jackson was a total jerk toward head coach Chip Kelly.

Yes, the wideout diva cursed the coach not just once, but according to reports, several times in front of teammates.

In fact, a source with the Eagles confirmed an earlier observation we've reported, saying Jackson didn't get along with his teammates, either, and that he also threw temper tantrums.

The Eagles have so far taken the high road during this carnival act, but they might have been better served if they told this side of the story. Media reports focused on the fact the team was concerned about him being involved in a gang, but that was more due to the thought that this could hurt his trade value. And Philadelphia was actively trying to trade him.

In fact, an excellent take on how this episode has been covered was written by none other than Jason Whitlock. He's correct that anything gangsta makes great linkbait and then gets amplified when the inevitable race card is played immediately afterward. There are legitimate racial issues in this society, but they don't need to be blurred when a self-centered prima donna becomes a story for the wrong reasons.

How disliked was Jackson? Well, what does it say when former teammates would rather have Riley Cooper on their team than him!

While Jackson is playing the whole humble victim's card, which apparently worked with the Washington Redskins -- check out Whitlock's comment about Dan Snyder being merely a rich fan, as compared to Chip Kelly being a football coach; priceless! -- the Eagles are now making sure the rest of the world knows the real side of DeSean Jackson, and it ain't pretty.

He may be a great wide receiver, but apparently he's a lousy teammate. So, this round goes to the Eagles.

Whitlock ended his column on the matter saying that Jackson needs to learn that there's no I in team. However, it's clear that the latest Redskin found a way around that, just like Albert Haynesworth did. He noticed that there's a me in team, and he's played it to the hilt.

Time to see if Snyder's going to regret not learning his lesson the first time.