Eagles May Cut Riley Cooper

Published on 2-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Eagles May Cut Riley Cooper

Reports surfaced Friday that Riley Cooper will take some time off from the Philadelphia Eagles to get some counseling for his racial comments.

From his reaction, the kid sounds like he is devastated by what he said. Clearly, his teammates are still shocked. 

"Guys are hurting right now,” said Michael Vick.

Vick speaks from experience, since he was in a situation like this one only four short years ago when released from prison for dog fighting charges that hit him for a two-year bit.

Although Vick has ‘forgiven’ Cooper for what he said, he did admit to not ‘fully’ knowing Cooper even though they've been teammates for the past three years. However, he thought that something like this would never come out of Cooper's mouth.

We have to remember that the NFL is roughly 70-80% African-American, and the majority of the city of Philadelphia is black, as well, only digging Cooper in more of a hole.

Philadelphia's top politico had his own thoughts on the incident.

“As the Mayor of this city and an African-American man, I find the remarks made by Riley Cooper repugnant, insensitive, and ignorant, and all of us, regardless of race or nationality, should be offended by these comments.”

Marcus Vick, Michael’s brother, still has strong feelings for Cooper’s words. You'll recall he declared he's putting “a $1000 bounty on his head.”

Really? Does this incident need some hothead popping off as if he was issuing a fatwa?

Vick saying that “guys are hurting right now” is an understatement. At least Cooper recognizes what he did wrong and owns up to his mistakes, unlike a certain celebrity chef.

But it may be too late for Cooper. Reports are now coming out that he may be cut by the Eagles because of the distraction to the team he has caused.

As we reported yesterday, Michael Vick accepted Cooper's apology, but not all of Cooper's teammates were in a forgiving mood. It was apparent on the field, too.

After practice, according to ESPN, the wide receiver stood alone and didn't interact with his teammates, which may explain why he felt the need to get the help. And in all likelihood, once he is finished with his counseling, he'll no longer be with the Eagles and may be out of the NFL for good.

That moment at the Chesney gig is surely one Cooper would love to have back, but the world rarely works that way. He's merely joining a long line of lazy thinkers who should have a much better idea about life in general.