Eagles Chuck the Chipster

Published on 29-Dec-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Eagles Chuck the Chipster

There's a downside to running the whole show.

It's that the dude paying you to run the whole show has the real final say.

So Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeff Lurie said goodbye to Chip Kelly after his hand-picked crew not only missed the playoffs for the second season in a row, but they looked horrendous doing it.

Nobody's horses were pulling their weight on defense. In Kelly's three years at the helm, Philadelphia's defense ranked 29th, 28th, and 30th overall. At that rate, even roto-players had the pom-pons out for Lurie's move.

And about the only thing Kelly got for shipping out the likes of DeSean Jackson, Evan Mathis, and LeSean McCoy was animosity:

Dude oughta run for office.

If the Chipster was on a mission to re-create the Oregon Ducks, his personnel moves were indeed curious. Perhaps he sensed the league was catching up with him, so he hedged his bets with the immobile Sam Bradford instead of the running chucker that remains the focal point in Oregon's system.

Since the only college openings right now are at Ball State and Texas State, if Kelly wants to forego being paid $13.4million for not coaching next season, he can only hope one NFL team sees the game his way.

That'd be the one with a quarterback who's already bought into it.

The Titans are 3-12 going into the season's final week. A conventional NFL offense got him dinged up. Maybe one that became second nature to him would be a better fit.

Mike Mularkey didn't distinguish himself as an interim coach. The Kelly-to-Tennessee rumors have been around since springtime.

Could it be that -- with the Eagles up in flames -- the cagey Chipster orchestrated a hardline position with Lurie in private discussions that precipitated his release? McCoy's correct about the dude being extremely intelligent.

Seems like a phone call is imminent.