Draft Hype Detritus: 36 Underclassmen Unchosen

Published on 12-May-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Draft Hype Detritus: 36 Underclassmen Unchosen

Few things are more hit-or-miss than projecting a college athlete's future.

Pro teams in all sports know it. Agents know it. Why college athletes themselves don't know it is beyond belief.

Granted, the kids in college football are still at an age where they're not immune to the circus -- and pseudo-science -- that is pre-draft hype. They are prone to actually believe pompous opinions from self-serving, so-called experts. They simply don't realize that these dudes deal in entertainment more than fact.

And this spring, 36 underclassmen with remaining eligibility just learned that lesson the hard way. Simply put, the football options for nearly 40% of the non-seniors just got reduced to being invitees to do-or-die preseason camps and/or subject to Canadian Football League import quotas.

Todd McShay is one of those 'experts' who justify the E in ESPN, as in the Entertainment and Sports Programing Network. His take on this overflow of players who just jettisoned a privileged college life for the perils of football limbo was ironic, to say the least:

McShay tweet 1

He then proceeded to lay the blame as to why this is so on everyone but his kind:

McShay tweets 2-3

He knows better, but still got into a tweet-spat with NBC Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, who called him on it:

Florio tweet 1

McShay tweet 4

Florio tweet 2

And then crickets from McShay.

No one group is responsible for the stupidity that is pre-draft media coverage. The NFL itself tries to mitigate expectations with its own pre-draft assessment of each underclassman, but as investment houses are forced to say, past performance does not guarantee future results. Frankly, any discussion of pro prospects should only take place while consuming mass quantities of alcohol. At least then, viewers will understand the topic for what it is.

Perhaps former Oregon and current Philadelphia Eagle coach Chip Kelly can set a trend in drafting as he did in high-octane offenses. He only takes seniors.