Don't Have a Prayer: Jimmy Graham Claims Goalpost Dunk Is Religious Gesture

Published on 30-Sep-2014 by Xavier McSpaniel
Football - NFL / NFL Daily Opinion

Well, 'crossbar'does have 'cross' in it.

The NFL today acknowledged that the flag thrown on Husain Abdullah's MNF end-zone prayer will send them all to Hell.

But before they enter that fiery gridiron of eternal damnation, they have another judgement call to make regarding religulous celebrations.

New Orleans Saints star tight end Jimmy Graham is set to argue that his post-TD goalpost dunk is an act of devout spirituality.

"When I flush the pigskin over the crossbar, it's sacred," said Graham exclusively to The Daily Player. "I am connecting with my God."

And who is his God?

"My Lord and Saviour, Spud Webb."

"He is the Light, the Love, the 42-Inch Vertical."

While we wait for the NFL's ruling on Graham's claim, rumour has it other players are following the Saints' lead in attempting to validate their worship; among them Aaron Rodgers (Hulk Hogan), Alfred Morris (Mark McGwire), and Victor Cruz (Donald Driver).

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