Don't Call the Big D's QB Sub a Subpar Flub

Published on 30-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Don't Call the Big D's QB Sub a Subpar Flub

OK, there was that interception at the end of the game.

Or more accurately, to end the game. And the Dallas Cowboys' season.

But all things being equal, Kyle Orton did what that little voice in his helmet told him to do.

Jerry Jones, the brilliant owner/GM -- if he does say so himself, and he does -- overpaid Orton to be Tony Romo's backup for situations just like the do-or-die showdown against Philadelphia. It was for the right to be the least embarrassed team in the NFC East, and as it happened, the veteran quarterback fit right in.

One of the dumbest things pro football teams do is have their backups stand on the sidelines during practices. Yes, that probably helps them do what they do best in games -- you know, hold clipboards and all that other vital stuff -- but it doesn't do them much good when they're thrown into a key situation at a moment's notice.

So don't blame Orton for stumbling at the last minte in that Philly game. He'd done quite enough by that time.

Would Romo have thrown more than 358 yards in that game? Would he have thrown that interception? Would he have thrown more?

Terrell Owens said before the game that he though Dallas was better off with Orton rather than Romo. He's of the opinion that Romo's better days are behind him.

And Orton's aren't, TO? But as Otter advised in Animal House, "Forget it. He's on a roll."

“My thing with Romo is he’s been inconsistent late in ball games ... The thing is, with Tony Romo, you kind of already know what to expect. Late in the game, it’s a toss up. You just read off the mind blowing stats. If you look at what Kyle Orton has done, he’s done more with less.

"I think if you look at this in this situation, I think beyond certainty, obviously with them not playing against Kyle Orton, meaning the Eagles, he has an edge. I think, obviously, he’s going to have to utilize all his weapons. I think he’s going to have to do some quick passing, get [DeMarco] Murray involved. But again, you have a game changer and a playmaker in Dez Bryant.”

Not a bad assessment, really, from a dude who's out of the league dumping on a contemporary of his who's still in the league.

But they both have something in common now. They'll both be watching the playoffs on TV.