Dolphins Owner Puts Down Fiddle, Notices Dolphin-land Is Burning

Published on 12-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Dolphins Owner Puts Down Fiddle, Notices Dolphin-land Is Burning

It took him over a week to respond, but Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross finally answered questions about the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin incident.

Ross held a press conference before the Dolphins played Tampa Bay last night.

He said he's been in contact with Martin through text messages and plans to meet with him tomorrow to discuss this issue.

“I apologize to the fans for being in this position, but I know we will come out of this in a better position,” Ross added.

“I think anybody would be appalled. When you first read the texts ... I didn’t realize that people would speak that way.”


The dude's Jewish! Society's odds are he realizes very well that people speak that way!

So what's amazing to me is that it took Ross a week or so to finally speak out against this. I think he only did it because he knows the NFL is going to slam him and his organization for the way this situation has been handled.

Now, Ross has put together all these committees with Don Shula, Tony Dungy, and Dan Marino to solve this issue. Why doesn't he wait to hear from the NFL first before doing any of this?

Probably because he knew this stuff was happening already, and as I said, he's trying to get ahead of this situation before the NFL does or possibly to avoid a lawsuit brought by Martin. 

Do you think Jerry Jones or Robert Kraft would have waited a week to answer questions about this? No!

My guess is they'd have their own investigations going and probably cut or fired those involved. That's what real leadership is about. Something Mr. Ross knows nothing about, but obviously needs to learn.

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