Dolphins Need to Stop Defending Incognito

Published on 8-Nov-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Dolphins Need to Stop Defending Incognito

I know you guys are as tired of reading about Richie Incognito as I am writing about him, but each day we hear something new about this guy, and today is no different.

Now, here comes a new story that he molested a woman at a Miami Dolphins event, and the team's administration had to pay her off to keep her quiet.

Here's part of what the report said:

"He proceeded to lean up against her buttocks with his private parts as if dancing, saying 'Let it rain! Let it rain!' He finally finished his inappropriate behavior by emptying bottled water in her face."

Yeah, this is the same guy that Dolphin players have been defending the last few days as "not a racist", an "honorary black man", and a "good guy."

Here is a little piece of advice for the Miami Dolphins:

Stop defending this jerk!

Richie Incognito is not a good guy. He just isn't. Any guy who harasses women, calls another teammate by a racial slur, and then threatens him and his family is not a good guy. So stop saying that he is.

He's a sicko

Incognito is proving himself to be a world class a-hole who's probably lucky he's not in jail for all the stuff he's done. The acceptance of his behavior by the Miami Dolphins front office and its players is just as sickening.

Oh, and another thing that's totally offensive is some of the black players on the team saying Incognito is an "honorary black man." What the hell does that mean?

Basically, what these guys are saying is his behavior is acceptable by his black teammates because, hey, he acts the way they do. To me, that'ss stereotyping all black NFL players. 

I'd like to think Incognito's actions wouldn't be accepted in most NFL locker rooms, but it's disturbing to hear he's getting some support from a few of them. Fortunately, others don't think so.

Jonathan Martin, in my opinion as an African-American woman, represents what real African-American men act like. He's bright, college educated, and rather than fighting back -- as many suggested, including me -- he took the high road.

That's how a real man acts. And Richie Incognito is not a real man.