Dolphins Face Patriots with Playoff Lives on the Line

Published on 13-Dec-2013 by Alan Adamsson

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Dolphins Face Patriots with Playoff Lives on the Line

Time is running out for the Miami Dolphins to establish themselves as a playoff team.

This weekend, lined up against their division rival New England Patriots, the Phins can keep their hopes alive. Weigh in on the AFC East battle as the two sit neck-and-neck on the NFL point spread.

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After a solid start to the 2013 campaign -- and a most recent string of success -- the Dolphins are technically within reach of both their division and the second AFC wild card slot. A disappointing skid partway through the year, however, is what’s all but eliminated their shot at division supremacy and even cast doubt on their chances of qualifying for the postseason in general.

While it’s a distinct possibility that the Dolphins finish their last three games strong and eke into the playoffs, the Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, and San Diego Chargers will be giving their all to do exactly that, as well.

That, coupled with the fact that a Dolphins division lead would require the Pats to lose each of their last three matchups, makes for an uphill battle in December; hence their 66:1 odds of winning the Super Bowl. In contrast, sitting three games ahead of Miami, the Patriots sit at 10:1 on those same NFL futures.

Would a big victory in Week 15 give Miami just enough momentum to close out the year on a winning streak, enough to put them in position for the final wild card berth if nothing else?

Probably not.

Check the grid in the Bovada data tool on our Home page. Details like these will emerge:

Pats-Dolphins Bovada grid

Not enough there to go against the chalk.

Take New England   -1½



Result ... Miami 24 New England 20     Dolphins cover