Ditka's Biggest Regret: Not Stopping Obama

Published on 9-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Ditka's Biggest Regret: Not Stopping Obama

Former Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints head coach Mike Ditka has made some major mistakes in the past.

For one, not letting Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton score in the 1986 Super Bowl. Opting instead to let William 'the Refrigerator' Perry have the honors instead. An honor that, to the day of Payton's death, devastated him. That mistake alone may keep Ditka out of heaven.

Another mistake was giving up all the Saints' draft choices to get running back Ricky Williams of Texas. That one cost Ditka his job. Soon thereafter, Williams was gone in -- shall we say? -- a puff of smoke. Word is the late night sales in area Taco Bells and Jacks in the Box have never been the same.

But according to the Da Coach, his biggest mistake was not running for public office against now-President Barack Obama. Ditka was asked to run for the Senate as a Republican against Obama but declined.

Ditka made his comments at some oil field in North Dakota, where he also admitted he had no idea why he was there. That fact alone might have made him senatorial timber, but I digress.

"Biggest mistake I've ever made," Ditka said. "Not that I would have won, but I probably would have and he wouldn't be in the White House."

Really, coach? It's not the fact that you broke poor Walter Payton'sheart or that you messed up the Saints for years to come? It's the fact that you didn't run against Obama in a mostly Democratic city like Chicago?

Can you imagine, though, if Ditka was in Washington DC? This is the same man who couldn't take Jim McMahon's antics, can you see him putting up with this Congress?

Maybe Obama needs to bring Ditka in one afternoon and let him loose on both parties with of his famous rants.

Maybe that'd get them back to work.