Dez Bryant Gets Caught Up in Monkey Business

Published on 4-Nov-2015 by CJ

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Dez Bryant Gets Caught Up in Monkey Business

Dez Bryant's a dude who's not unfamiliar with controversy.

Be it his off-field antics ...

Or his spats with teammates on the field ...

Bryant knows a thing or two about quarrels.

And when he's got time on his hands, they happen.

So who's next on Dez’s list for the next big feud?

Could it be with a rapper? How about a local politician? Or how about with his mom again?

Who could have guessed that Bryant’s next foil would be PETA?

Yes, the People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals has a problem with his keeping a pet monkey, which he's named Dallas Bryant.

Now, one would imagine that he'd want to keep having a monkey on the down low, but Bryant's not about that kind of lifestyle. Instead, dude posted a pic of Dallas on his Instagram account, which put PETA in Defcon mode.

That brought in the DeSoto police department to investigate the matter, with PETA demanding that Dallas be released to a sanctuary. But Bryant’s attorney put paid to that notion by pointing out that the monkey is not within DeSoto city limits.

So Dez and Dallas remain in association. For now at least.

Dude's gotta get back on the field. The Cowboys themselves are a zoo enough.