Dallas Cowboys: Most Valuable Franchise

Published on 15-Jul-2013 by Coach

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Dallas Cowboys: Most Valuable Franchise

Being named the most valuable frachise in the NFL -- as compiled by Forbes magazine -- one would expect to be at least a playoff contender.

But for the sixth straight year, the Dallas Cowboys top the list, coming in with a valuation of a staggering $2.1billion, ahead of the second closest NFL team, the New England Patriots at  $1.635billion, who are a perennial conference champion and Super Bowl contendor. 

Technically, the guidelines and actual formula to calculate this is unknown to those outside of the geeks contracted by Forbes to make the list, but it still is impressive that Jerry Jones can turn out a constantly underpreforming team and make them the most profitable, popular, and valuable team in the NFL.

Say what you will about his football IQ -- and feel free to say it loud and often -- but the man is a shrewd dude in business who has made his sporting mark by taking this team from the depths of a 1-15 season all the way to the top and finally, to a nesting spot right in the middle of the standings year after year after year.

Mediocrity has its perks. And it helps to have a kajillion-dollar playpen that books events all year 'round, which adds to the bottom line.

But how long can this team rest on its laurels?

Apparently, long enough to have a hardy har-har at its critics.