Cruz Receives No Interest; Stuck in Limbo

Published on 21-Apr-2013 by Coach

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Cruz Receives No Interest; Stuck in Limbo

At the stroke of midnight on Friday night/ Saturday morning, the NFL's restricted free-agent bell rang.

And New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz was left standing at the ball without an offer from another team.

That means he's still beholden to his current contract with the New York Giants. Cruz is attempting to get a long-term deal and was hoping that another team could rescue him. So far, he's learning the hard way what NFL coaches and management shout when most wideouts and running backs look for more moola:


Cruz has yet to show up to voluntary offseason workouts, which means the longer he is without a contract, the fatter his gut will get. Cruz does have a $2.879 million tender still on the table, but regardless, will be stuck with the Giants for the 2013 season.

Cruz will eventually show up, knowing that Chunky ads won't pay all the bills, but for now, I'd say don't hold your breath. Tom Coughlin knows how to win with a mediocre offense and a great d-line rotation.