Cowboys Sign Michael Sam

Published on 3-Sep-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Cowboys Sign Michael Sam

Well looky here.

Look who's taken up the fight for gay rights while signing a decent football player.

Tthe Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones actually made a smart football move by signing Michael Sam to the Cowboys practice squad, which is a win-win situation. The Cowboys needed help on the defensive line and Sam needed a job.

Of course, a segment of fans across the league are taking shots at this decision, but as Cowboys coach Jason Garrett pointed out, this was not about Sam's sexuality.

What people say outside of this organization is really up to them, we're focused on the Niners. This is about football. We evaluated [Sam] as a football player and felt he could help us as a football player.

While he was with the St Louis Rams, Sam had three sacks and five solo tackles in one game. The kid didn't play badly at all, but the Rams didn't have room for him and the Cowboys did.

One of the more amusing parts of the pre-season came when Sam sacked Johnny Manziel and then mocked him.

The question now will not be if the Cowboys made the right choice, but if Sam did by joining the zoo in Dallas.

Good luck with that, dude.