Could Tebow Be Headed to the Patriots?

Published on 29-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Could Tebow Be Headed to the Patriots?

To no one's surprise, Tim Tebow was released today by the New York Jets.

Tebow was expected to be released earlier this year -- or at least be traded -- but since that didn't materialize, he has now become a free agent.

I wrote a few months ago that I thought the way the Jets treated Tebow was crappy at best and he deserved better. Tebow would have probably be better served staying in Denver and working with Peyton Manning instead of rotting on the bench for the hapless Jets.

This may be a blessing in disguise for Tebow. While a lot of NFL experts feel this is the end of Tebow's career, at least as an NFL quarterback, there are some who speculate that Tebow could be picked up by the New England Patriots.

"Huh?" you say? Yes, you heard me. The New England Patriots may take a chance on Tebow. Here's my thought why they may take a look at the Heisman quarterback: Josh McDaniels.

McDaniels, who used to be the head coach of the Denver Broncos, is now the offensive coordinator for the Patriots. He's also the one who drafted Tebow. (OK, he also got fired at Denver, but stay with me, here.)

Who better to teach the star-crossed quarterback than his old head coach, who believed in his ability in the first place? Also, it couldn't hurt that he would be learning from one of the top quarterbacks -- if not the top quarterback -- in the league in Tom Brady. 

Neither the Patriots nor Tebow have made a comment, although Tebow did post a Bible verse on his Twitter and Facebook pages.

One thing we've learned about Tim Tebow is, no matter the situation, you can never count him out. So don't be surprised if Tebow Time is in a town near you soon. Especially if your town is somewhere near Boston.