Christmas Miracle: A Fat Guy Touchdown

Published on 26-Dec-2016 by CJ

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Christmas Miracle: A Fat Guy Touchdown

Christmas is a time for many things.

Family, friends, food ... and who could forget the presents?

Christmas is also a time for special things.

Things that seemingly break all known laws of science.


Yes, Christmas is a time where anything can happen. Where the dreams of young girls and boys across the world can come true. A time when even the fattest of football players can be a QB, if only for a day.

Sunday saw the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Denver Broncos. The Chiefs had already clinched a playoff spot by virtue of the Steelers' victory against the Ravens earlier in the day. However, a win would keep them in the hunt for the AFC West title.

The Broncos needed a win on Sunday night to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

How slim?

Despite the stakes, the Broncos came out flat in a must win game. Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill proved too much for the likes of Trevor Siemian.

Most NFL fans were soon checking the TV listings for alternate sports programing, with only the hardcore waiting for a boring blowout of a prime time pairing to end.

But just when it seemed like this farce would end with a whimpier, a Christmas miracle occurred on a cold Kansas City night.

Up 27-10 in the game’s final two minutes and knocking on Denver’s door, the Chiefs put in 346lb DT Dontari Poe at the QB position.

For those who don’t know, in 2015, Poe became the heaviest dude to ever score an offensive touchdown:

The Broncos appeared ready for the powerful Poe try to barge through the bulge for a 1-yard to touchdown glory. But the Chiefs and Poe had something a little different in mind.

Dude took a direct snap and began to rush the line. Suddenly, Poe pulled up like Stephen Curry and tossed a floater to Demetrius Harris for the touchdown:

In one play, Poe had pulled off a Christmas miracle.

He'd turned a drudge of an afternoon into one for the annals of football history.

Dude now holds the title as the heaviest guy to ever throw for a touchdown.

Apologies to Jared Lorenzen.

While we know that Santa will come every Christmas Eve, we may never again see the likes of Poe on Christmas.

So cherish this moment, football fans.

Among others.