Chip's Ahoy: Kelly Rids Eagles of Junk Food, Changes First Name to 'Kale'

Published on 14-May-2013 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Chip's Ahoy: Kelly Rids Eagles of Junk Food, Changes First Name to 'Kale'

Bring in Chip Kelly, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

Such is the player lament now that the Eagles' rookie coach has taken charge of the cafeteria in addition to the playing arena. Gone are the staples of the previous regime, most notably "Taco Tuesday" and "Junk Food Friday" (no word yet as to whether Kobayashi will stay on as Head Nutritionist); replaced by food pyramid posters and personal signature smoothies.

To say this represents a sea change in dietary attitude from the 14-year big enchilada, Andy 'Chickie's and Pete's' Reid, is akin to arguing contestants on The Biggest Loser are a tad on the peckish side.

But will getting rid of pizza and wings bring about performance and wins? Combined with a superior strength and conditioning program, it can't hurt. One suspects, though, it's going to take a lot more than eliminating trans fats for Nick Foles to hurry-up for 60 minutes, for Bryce Brown to hang on to the pigskin, and for DeSean Jackson to not be a quitter.

We will find out come the first 2013 instalment of Monday Night Football.

In the meantime, no doubt the Kansas City Chiefs are very much enjoying "All-You-Can-Eat-Offseason".