Chargers to Stay in San Diego Because Of Course They Are

Published on 29-Jan-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Chargers to Stay in San Diego Because Of Course They Are

OK, it's not exactly news, but it'll do.

After Rams sledgehammer Stan Kroenke told it to the NFL like it was, did anybody think the Chargers would return to their original home city?

The mayor of Los Angeles sure as hell didn't.

And he joined what's surely a legion of others in watching team owner and consummate villain Dean Spanos wallow in a face-saving spin job:

As if voters are gonna toss hard-earned tax dollars at a one-year deal.

Kroenke dislikes Spanos -- and it's mutual -- as much as San Diego football fans do. The only arrangement he'll offer the Chargers at Inglewood will include figurative clauses where Spanos has to crawl on hands and knees over broken glass to lick the tire of Kroenke's limo that the Ram owner's dog pissed on.

With this about face and the dude's superficial gestures toward San Diego, Spanos is showing he has what it takes to run as Donald Trump's vice-president.

Is there any 1%er in the USA that realizes melding shallow with callow catches up with them sooner or later, due to the miracle of video?

Jerry Jones and Bob McNair aren't even gonna let the Chargers use San Antonio as a tethered goat, so unless Spanos rents a bulldozer for a few hours in Carson -- if they'll let him in the city limits -- he's got one option.

Righteousness prevails. For once.