Chad Johnson on the Run from Police

Published on 20-May-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Chad Johnson on the Run from Police

For once, I'm not writing about Titus Young or Rolando McClain being wanted by the police.

No, this time, I'm writing about Chad Johnson being wanted by the police.

The artist formally known as Ochocinco is in trouble for not paying child support and missing his probation hearings.

You would think a guy who needs the money and doesn't want to go to jail would do whatever it is asked of him to do, especially if he wants to try to make a team later this summer. But no. Not Ocho or Chad or whatever he is calling himself these days.

Chad is apparently taking his lessons from TO's book of life: get kicked out of the NFL, fail to make child support payments, and pray someone picks up your reality show.

We see how that has worked out for TO. It landed him on Dr Phil's couch, arguing with his baby mommas about why he hasn't seen his kids and can't give them support.

According to TMZ, Johnson owes about $5,500 in child support. Naturally, since he doesn't have a job at the moment, he can't pay, so he he is asking the courts to reduce the payments.

You would think, after what he has been through the past 12 months, that Johnson would have learned, if not from his own mistakes, but the mistakes of others.

Then again, you wonder how these dudes, on the salaries they command in their primes, can think the money taps are going to be turned on forever.