Cash Out: James Harrison Retires, Gets Fined by Roger Goodell

Published on 31-Aug-2014 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Cash Out: James Harrison Retires, Gets Fined by Roger Goodell

James Harrison -- former Defensive Player of the Year and NFL cash machine -- has announced his retirement from football.

Ditched by the Bengals in March, Harrison was trying his luck with other teams. As recently as last week, he'd spent time visiting the Arizona Cardinals.

"I have made the difficult decision to retire as of today," Harrison's Facebook goodbye said. "My love for my family and the need to be there for them outweighs my desire to play the game. I have missed too many experiences with them because I devoted so much time to my career."

"My love for the game isn't strong enough to make up for missing one more birthday or first day of school."

The excuse didn't wash with Roger Goodell, however. Harrison was suspended for four birthdays and fined $250,000 for the school infractions. He will also be required to take anger management classes.

Goodell made it clear that Harrison may continue to be fined as he approaches middle-age and his senior years. Indeed, the commissioner didn't rule out the possibility of having an in-person hearing with Harrison after his death.